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hotDAM is pretty intuitive, but it’s also a robust tool. Use our support information and tutorials to answer all your questions.

1. What happens if I end my subscription?

If you are an archive client, your files along with the text catalog are delivered to you on both hard drive copies. We do not keep anything. You are responsible only to pay the shipping cost of your files. If you are not an archive client, your user is deleted along with your galleries. If you think you might like to sign up again, please contact us before ending your subscription so that we can make arrangements to have your galleries placed in a temporary archive.

2. Sometimes I can’t get images to upload. They say they have been uploaded, but I can’t see them.

Try resetting the cache on your browser or using a different machine.

3. Why are my previews taking so long to load?

Try uploading smaller jpegs or using a higher compression rate. Because hotDAM shows full-size previews, the larger the uploaded image, the larger the preview, which can slow things down. Jpegs approximately 2,000 pixels on the long side saved with a compression between 6 and 8 load very fast. This is also a good size to preview most images.

4.Why can't I upload my raw files directly to the gallery myself?

Because your raw files are too important. When you give us your raw files, we want to have a tech verify, count, and archive your files before they are uploaded. Since a day’s shooting typically produces between 10 and 50 gigabytes of raw files, it is typically faster to overnight the files to us and upload them locally anyway. If you need to deliver only a couple of files, we recommend that you use hotDAM’s file transfer utility instead of uploading directly into the galleries.

5. What kind of raw files are supported?

All of them. We use a script to package your raw files along with any sidecar color settings into a zip file that then gets uploaded. This way we can support raw files from any manufacturer as well as different raw processors’ methods of saving color settings.

6. What are the system requirements?

You need an internet connection and a modern web browser. Safari and Firefox are supported in Mac and Windows. Other browsers may work but are not optimized.

7. How do I upload multiple galleries at a time?

From the file transfer page click upload to open as many new windows as you need.